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Weekly Bulletin

Posted by on May 3, 2023

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 October 29, 2023

Welcome and Announcements

Prelude Prelude in g minor, BWV 558, No. 6          J. S. Bach

Choral Introit         He Leadeth Me                    Gilmore/Bradbury

Call to Worship**

   Leader:      With hearts ready to serve,
   People:           God turns our mourning into singing

                    and our sorrows into laughter.
Leader:      With hope and expectation,
   People:           God turns our weeping into celebration

                    and grief into shouts of joy.
Leader:      Come before the Lord with yearning,

                    with hearts ready to serve.

Hymn: UMH# 140             Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Opening Prayer** (in unison)

          Bless your servants, O God, and favor us with your

steadfast love. May your love flow through us like springs of

living water, that we may rejoice and be glad all the days of our lives. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer                                                    UMH #895

Responsive Psalm Reading:   Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17   UMH #809

Choir Anthem         How Can I Keep From Singing?  Jay Althouse

Offering and Doxology                                            UMH #95

Affirmation of Faith           The Apostle’s Creed         UMH #881

Passing of the Peace

Hymn: UMH# 559             Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation

Joys and Concerns

Prayer Hymn: UMH# 572                Pass It On

Pastoral Prayer

Scripture:               Matthew 22:34-46; 1 Peter 4:7-11

Message:               “A Church After God’s Heart”

Hymn: UMH# 154             All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name (v1-4)

 Benediction (in unison)

          Life is much more than an accident. Wherever I go, God has a purpose for me being there and wants to do something through me. May the LORD give me courage and strength and compassion to make our world a better place, to make our community a better community, and to make our church a

better church. I trust fully in Christ’s presence, alive in me, and I go forth in God’s grace, love, and power.

 Postlude      Toccata in d minor, BWV 565                       J.S. Bach

**Call to Worship and Opening Prayer taken from The Abingdon Worship Annual

Organist:     Grace Wheatley

Reader:        Suzanne Benjamin

Greeters:     Jim and Marsha Radtke

Next week:

Reader:        Chris Jennings

Greeters:     Tina Anderson


Please pray for…

Nancy Agee, Rob Anderson, Roland Bowman, Carl Cooper, Frances Gill, Peggy Reed, Linda Schwaitzberg, Lawson Smith, Jaime-Ellen Spessard, Becky Startt, Debbie Strong, Judy Thompson, Chris Wallman, Herb & Kay Wilkinson

Those in assisted living facilities/nursing homes:

Virginia Crew, Carole Lupis (Heartfield Assisted Living)

Ruth Hadaway, Paul Noerr (Chester River Manor)

Betty Needles (Chestertown Nursing and Rehab)

Peggy B. Smith (Whispering Pines)

Mary Ellen Thompson (Rock of Ages)

Weekly Prayer List

10/1      Karen, Kelley, Carolyn Grotsky, the family of Roger Lusby, the family of Janet Zsebedic, safe travels for Grace Wheatley and Jessie Tucker.

10/8      Mark Blyman, Israeli-Palestinian attacks, shooting at Morgan State U, Maryland oystermen, Fredrick Sultzbach, Sherry, George Bize, Sandy Scanlon, Wells Family.

10/15    Family of Mary Ellen Clark, Chris Bowman, Beth, Joe, Karen, Allan Gorsuch, Joe and Myrle, Leon, Christine Austin, Richard, Peace in Israel/Gaza

10/22    Family of Rev. Doug Ridley, Mikie, Coralee, Carol Shaw, Nancy Fernwalt, Kathy, Karen, Beth, Women’s Emmaus Weekend, Baltimore Fire Department, John


This morning’s altar flowers are given to the Glory of God, and in memory of our parents, by Carole and Jim Lupis.


OCT       30                                         NEWSLETTER DEADLINE

Nov          1           Noon                    Weekly Communion (FUMC Chapel)

                    1 p.m.                  Thrive Book Study (C. Brown’s home)

                    6 p.m.                   Chancel Choir Rehearsal (CUMC)

                    7:15 p.m.             Chimes Practice (FUMC)

            4           10 a.m. Combined Charge Conference

            5      9:30 a.m.      All Saints’ Sunday

                                        (special service of remembrance)




          The three pictures on the bulletin cover are of the steeples of First and Christ UM churches. They reflect our two churches coming together—at one time we were far apart, but we have been moving closer, and now we are becoming one.



            Do you have something for the November/December Lamplighter?  Please get it to the CUMC office by tomorrow!  We have a short week to get this done—and we have two church seasons to cover—Advent and Christmas (with Thanksgiving thrown in for good measure!).  They both include lots of activities—but I need to know what they are, so we ALL can know what they are!  I plan to include calendars for those two months, but they can only be complete with YOUR information.

I hope to find a full inbox tomorrow!  Send your information to:

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